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Kyle Bacon
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Im Bacon I'm 25 years old and I am now the marketer for AstroBear Games, a Indie Game studio based in AUS.
I finished my Vocational Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) at AIE on December 2nd 2015
I finished my Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE on December 8th 2014
I finished my Certificate II in media at AIE on June 28th 2012
I finished my Certificate III in media at AIE on November 29th 2012
All my 3D work is used with Maya (unless stated otherwise if I do start using another type of 3D program)
I dont think I'm the best artist in the world, but Im here to share what I can do, and I hope someone out there likes my work.


Gaby DBZ by Da-Bacon-master
Gaby DBZ
Been a while since I photoshopped anything (anything with special effects and such), thought I'd do something silly xD
This is Gaby who is a friend of mine.
AstroBear Games Dev Blog #2 by Da-Bacon-master
AstroBear Games Dev Blog #2
Check out our dev blog #2…

We have talked about what has happened from Oct 2015 to 2016
Myself of the left, and my Boss on the right
Me graduating 2015 by Da-Bacon-master
Me graduating 2015
I passed  Vocational Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) this year. I can't seem to be able to shake hands and pose for a photo (I attempted a smirk, I don't smile).
A fair bit has happened this year, I started as a Indie Dev with some friends and things didn't start off great which lead to the team falling apart.
I took a bit of a break from the course, as I had no idea what I was going to do.  I came back and was going to help back another studio in the office, just with their marketing.
So after doing fairly well (they were really happy) I became part of AstroBear Games. We weren't a officially legal owned studio, so I was left in charge of setting that up as a previous member hadn't done so.
We also got the title our team was working on (Shepdoog), onto Steam Greenlight and we also got through! We are waiting for a few things that we need to fill out, we had to talk to IRS to get a number so we are able to get our game Shepdoog onto steam/early access.

Feel free to check/follow us at the following links:

Website -
Shepdoog Website -
Twitter -
Facebook -…
Shepdoog Facebook -
Not that I've been active on here for months and months and months (just fav'ing pics really) but I am currently going through some shit..some good, some bad.

High blood pressure: Ive had it for who knows how long, but started to get it checked out and far ive lowered it with some meds but whenever I had some grog it started to hurt my more tests and so far nothing has came up..bit over it all tbh.

Moving house: Gotta move house, I dunno how much nicer the house is (I don't care too much, some dont even have a house to call home) but it does come with a its a 1+ compared to the house I moved in back in 2012.

Moving house after moving house: So Its kind of a double move thing, I wont be able to have all my stuff where I'm going to be moving in with my girlfriend and her parents place and I gotta get out where I was living anyway, so kind of annoying but yeah...    

Studio 4Eyes (indie dev group): We broke up and split apart, we are trying to finish a part of the game so that we can pass the assessment but after that we are going onto do other stuff, plus with my health getting in the way and other reasons for other people in the group it was just easier to do this (but we are all still friends). Haven't made it official just yet..but yeah I don't really like how the course is done...we are trying to run indie dev studios but doing a business we get treated/marked/assessed as if we are big AAA studios with teams of people and loads of money behind us all...its really pissing everyone off.

But yeah..cya;s when I see ya's..

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